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National Archive Buda Castle Budapest Katherine Hala
National Archive Buda Castle Budapest Katherine Hala

Buda Castle in 3D Film

Would you like to take a 3D virtual tour in the Buda Castle? Do you have a pair of 3D glasses at home? Take a look at this simple 3D film footage of the Buda Castle and the Castle District in Budapest. The historical castle and its neighborhood with colorful 18th century houses is one of the top attractions in Budapest, Hungary. The Buda Castle is situated on top of the Castle Hill by the river Danube – picked as a perfect place for an important strategic point in the 12th century.

The Buda Castle (Budai var) is often called the Royal Palace, and was indeed a royal residence (though not always actually used by a given monarch).
The Buda Castle is the main building of the Castle district (Varnegyed), which is surrounded by a big thick stone wall. There are several things to see in and around the Buda Castle and on the Castle Hill.

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