Festival of Crafts Mestersegek Unnepe Budapest Danube
Festival of Crafts Mestersegek Unnepe Budapest Danube

Hungarian Festival of Crafts

The Festival of Crafts in Buda Castle Budapest is a celebration of Hungarian Crafts every August, around the 20th of August when Hungary’s birthday takes place.
The Festival of Crafts (known as Mestersegek Unnepe in Hungarian) is a pleasantly authentic cultural event for any visitors of the Buda Castle.

Festival of Crafts Mestersegek Unnepe Budapest Danube
Festival of Crafts Mestersegek Unnepe Budapest Danube

Venue: Buda Castle courts

Date: August 17 – 20, 2019
Opening hours: 10 am – 9 pm (concerts and food stalls are until 11pm)

Aug 20: Fireworks Show, Fireworks Cruises

Tickets: HUF 2,500 / adults (discounts for students, senior citizens, families)
or FREE entry with Budapest Card – Book on the right side of the page

The 3-4 day festival is set on the open air courts of the Buda Palace, with breathtaking views and in a beautiful scenery: the historical courtyards of the Castle, like the Hunyadi Court offer a special atmosphere for the Hungarian Crafts Festival: traditional canvas shaded stalls, cobblestoned yards, shadowy trees, delicious old “street foods”, live craft shows (potters, wood carvers, weavers, smiths, glass makers), concerts and Hungarian Folk dance shows make the Festival of Crafts a huge success.

Festival goers may attend the Budapest History Museum free of charge, included in the festival ticket price. It is also a great place to cool down a bit, take a rest in the cafe, or use the lavatory.

During the Festival days, the Buda Castle courts can not be visited free of charge, only with festival tickets. Nevertheless, the entry fee to the Festival of Crafts is almost the same as the entry to the Budapest History Museum itself, so it is a great value deal indeed.

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Annual Festival in August

Hungarian Festival of Crafts in Buda Castle Budapest
Hungarian Festival of Crafts in Buda Castle Budapest

The Festival of Crafts is in August, always including the 20th of August: August 20 is a national holiday is Hungary celebrating the birth of the Hungarian Kingdom, the Hungarian Constitution, and the yearly blessing of the bread (after harvest), as well as Istvan day, Istvan (Stephen), the name day of the first king of ‘Hungary’, St Stephen I.


  1. Good Day, How do I get tickets for the festival of Crafts? I will be in the City 20-22 August. 2017 Thank you

    • Dear Jeanette,

      thank you for your email.

      Tickets for the Festival of Folk arts are available on the spot of the venue. You can buy a ticket for the festival that valid for the whole event (for 4 days).

      Must do Budapest programs we recommend:
      Buda Castle Tours
      Budapest River Cruises
      Hungarian Folk Shows
      Budapest Segway Tours

      I hope I could be of help.

  2. Thank you very much for your response, and will look forward to the Festival!
    We are interested in the Buda Castle Tour, perhaps on 21 August. Should that be in conflict with any of the Festival events occurring at the same time? Thank you in advance for your advice. We are very excited to experience your city. jlh

  3. How can I obtain a list of the artists and crafters at these fairs?
    Thank You.

    • Hello Barry,

      thank you for your comment.

      I would suggest to contact the organizers or check out the official website of the given festival.

      I hope I could be of help.

      • Good day!
        Iam interested in being part of this event as an exhibitor of arts and crafts from Uganda! Is this possible next year?

  4. Hello,

    My friend and I will arrive in Budapest on 20th August by midday, so it would be great to see the festival in the afternoon, what are the opening times please?

    • Hello Penny,
      Opening hours of Festival of Crafts: 10 am – 9 pm (concerts and food stalls are until 11pm)

  5. Hello, I’m an artisan from Baku, Azerbaijan. I do glasspainting you can find my works on http://craft.az
    Is it possible to take part on your festival?

  6. Hello, I visited the festival some years ago… There I found a young woman who painted on wood some classical Hungarian motifs and I bought from her a personalized plate(she painted the writings in my presence) . I would like to buy again from her.
    could you give me an help? Thanks.

  7. Hi,

    Is the Budapest History Museum open on 20Aug2018 ?

  8. I wonder when the craft festival is in August 2019

    • Hello Ann Mari,

      thank you for your email. Dates of next year’s festivals will be confirmed in the first half of 2019, but the craft festival has been traditionally dated around Aug 20, which is the national holiday of Hungary. So please expect it to be before/after/on Aug 20 (+3 days/-3days)
      Please check back around May for a more exact day.

  9. Hi, can the festival tickets be booked on arrival at the gate or must they be bought and booked in advance/online? And is there a price for just a day pass to the festival (i will only be able to go on the 19th August). Thanks in advance

    • Dear Claire,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Yes, daily tickets (HUF 2,500 per person) of the Festival of Folk Arts can be purchased on the spot.
      Have a nice time in Budapest!

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