Plans for Buda Castle Riding School & Stable

Buda Castle Riding Hall Visualization

According to the recently published plans, the onetime Riding Hall and Stables of Buda Castle will be rebuilt in the following few years.

History of the Stables

Visualization of the new Stables of Buda Castle
Visualization of the new Stables of Buda Castle

The original Stables of the …

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National Archives of Hungary

National Archives in Buda Castle

The National Archives of Hungary does nothing less than preserving national treasures.

Records related to the last 1000 years of Hungarian history, this building preserves 80% of all the Hungarian archival records making 307 000 meters of documents.…

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Matthias Fountain in Buda Castle District

Matthias Fountain in Buda Castle by Robot B

Matthias Fountain is one of the most beautiful sculptures and fountains in Budapest. The Fountain is in the Buda Castle on the Hunyadi Court, featuring King Matthias in a royal hunting scene with a hidden love story.…

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Statue of Andras Hadik in Buda Castle District

Statue of Andras Hadik in Buda Castle

The iconic Hungarian hussar (most famous Hungarian army unit from the 18th century) and favourite soldier of Maria Theresa, Andras Hadik – called the Hussar of all hussars –  became the governor of Bukovina and the president of the the …

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Ruszwurm Cafe in Buda Castle District

Ruszwurm in Buda Castle , Budapest

Reasonably priced and delicious homemade cakes in this beautiful small pastry shop with original old fittings, 200-year-old wood counters with a fabulous old tiled fuel stove for chilly winter days.…

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Funicular in Buda Castle District

Funicular in Buda Castle, Budapest

Travelling by the Buda Hill Funicular is a pleasant and a fairly cheap way to save your legs a hike when you want to get up to the Buda Castle Hill from the river level on Adam Clarke square. Enjoy …

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