Buda Castle District Budapest - photo by Michael Hill
Buda Castle District Budapest - photo by Michael Hill

Tourist Bus Parking in the Buda Castle

Tourist buses are allowed to enter the Buda Castle, but to maintain the safety of the historical streets and buildings, entering the Castle area by car or bus is restricted according to the decree of the Buda Castle Municipality.
If you are planning to visit the Buda Castle by bus with your group, please read the information below carefully to avoid any inconveniences or a fine.

National Archive Buda Castle Budapest Katherine Hala
 Buda Castle Budapest photo by Katherine Hala

Entering the Buda Castle Area

Tourist buses can enter the Castle District area via Hunyadi Janos Street (from Clark Adam Square). The bus can drop off the guests in Disz Square.

Prices of Staying in the Buda Castle Area

If the bus leaves the Castle District within 10 minutes after entering, there is no fee to be paid.
Exceeding the 10 minutes means a charge to be paid (HUF 390 per every 15 minutes).

Parking near Buda Castle

While the group is in the Buda Castle area, the bus can park in a dedicated bus parking lot nearby at Dozsa Gyorgy Square.
Price of parking:  HUF 1560 / hour.

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