Buda Castle History

Budapest History Museum

Budapest History Museum Paintings

The exhibitions in the Budapest History Museum focus on the turbulent history of the 2000 years of the city now known as Budapest: what the once separate towns of Buda, Pest and Obuda were like. You can visit the museum …

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Museum of Military History

Institute and Museum of Military History in Buda Castle

Being packed with military memorabilia, loaded with weaponry and bringing battle scenes to life an exciting and fun family day for all is guaranteed in the Institute and Museum of Military History.…

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Secrets of the Buda Castle District & Matthias Church Tour Booking

Book your tickets for the Secrets of the Buda Castle District & Matthias Church Tour in the booking form below.

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First Regal Suite of the Buda Castle after 1900

Stairway Hall in the Buda Castle

The regal suits of the Buda Castle were located on the 1st floor, and were accessible via a monumental stairway. From the landing area, the symmetrically arranged suites opened to both the north and south directions. The most beautiful suite, …

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Royal Suites of the Buda Castle around 1900

Large Throne Room in the Buda Castle

Upon building the Buda Castle suites, the disposition and allocation of the rooms by their functions and of course their hierarchical separation was very important.

The royal suites of the 18-19th century have lost their function by the beginning of …

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Exterior of the Buda Castle around 1900

Buda Castle Old Photo

The building of the Gothic style Buda Castle Royal Palace started in the mid 14th century, and lasted almost until the end of the 15th century. Along the years, several monarchs extended and decorated the buildings.

During the Turkish occupation …

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