Senior Discounts in Buda Castle Attractions

Most of the sights and attractions of the Buda Castle area offer some discount from the entry prices for retired/pensioner visitors in Budapest.

Hungarian National Gallery Senior Discount

Matthias Church Buda Castle
Matthias Church in Buda Castle District

50% discount (HUF 1,600) for age 62 – 70 EEA citizens
Free for age 70+ EEA citizens
Free with Budapest Card

Budapest History Museum Senior Discount

50% discount (HUF 1,000) for senior EU citizens
Free for age 70+ EU citizens
Free with Budapest Card

Matthias Church Senior Discount

30% discount (HUF 1,200) for age 60+ visitors

Fisherman’s Bastion Senior Discount

50% discount (HUF 500) for senior EU citizens

Funicular Senior Discount

No senior discount.

Museum of Military History Senior Discount

50% discount (HUF 750) for age 62 – 70 visitors
Free for age 70+ visitors

Museum of Music History Senior Discount

50% discount (HUF 500) for senior visitors

For further information, please see Buda Castle Discounts with Budapest Card.

Please note that the prices and the discounts of the attractions are subject to change. Please always check the actual prices with them before visiting. Thank you for your understanding.


  1. What sort of identification do you need for your senior discounts, will a photo copy of your passport be sufficient. Myself and wife will be in Budapest in April 2020 and would appreciate any information you could give. I am 71 and my wife is 68 years of age.
    Kind regards,
    Mr. J. P. Traynor

    • Dear John,
      Thank you for contacting us regarding senior discounts in the Buda Castle Budapest.
      Yes, showing a photo copy of your passport on entering the museums inside the Castle is sufficient to purchase discounted (or free) tickets. Please just make sure your date of birth and your nationality reads well on the copy.
      For EU citizens over 70 years of age admission is free to both museums. EU citizens between 62-70 years of age enjoy a 50% discount on both entries.

      Hope I could help.

      Have a great Castle visit in Budapest!

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