Buda Castle Night Beer Festival Hungary
Buda Castle Night Beer Festival Hungary

Buda Castle Beer Festival

The Buda Castle Beer Festival (Budavari Sorfesztival) is one of the top festivals in Budapest, and not only for beer and craft beer lovers.

Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest
Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest

The program of the festival includes many concerts and shows of all sorts, great local foods, and amazing beers from Hungary and from elsewhere in the world.

The festival is set atop the Castle Hill in Budapest, on the open courtyards of the Buda Royal Palace, with daytime and night time panorama views over the Danube and the river cruise ships gliding on the Danube along many beautiful attractions.

Buda Castle Beer Festival

Date: August 23 – 26, 2018

Location: Buda Castle

Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest Summer
Buda Castle Beer Festival Budapest Summer

The Buda Castle Beer Festival is perhaps the national beer festival of the year in Hungary. That being said, beer fans can enjoy further beer festivals in Budapest:

  • City Center Beer Festival (Jun 6-10, 2018)
  • Budapest Craft Beer Festival: Fozdefeszt Fesztival
  • Belgian Beer Festival in Vajdahunyad Castle
  • Czech Beer Festival in Budapest, Hungary

The dates of the Buda Castle Beer Festival in the last few years have been in the summer months (late August, mid June)

Opening Hours – Buda Castle Beer Festival

  • Thursday: 3 pm to 3 am
  • Friday: 3 pm to 3 am
  • Saturday: 12 pm to 3 am
  • Sunday: 12 pm to 12 am (midnight)
Buda Castle Beer Festival by Day Budapest Hungary
Buda Castle Beer Festival by Day Budapest

Beer Festival Tickets

  • 1 Day Ticket: HUF 1,999 incl. a pint of beer
  • 4 Day Ticket: HUF 4,999 incl. a pint of beer



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    in our german travel magazine ab-in-den-urlaub.de, a commercial product with editorial content, edition september we intend to publish an article about famous wine festivals. One of the events we want to introduce to our readers shall be the International Wine Festival in Budapest, which takes place at Buda Castle. To illustrate the article we need some expressive images of the festival – of guests drinking wine, wine tastings, specialities, images to show the atmosphere of the festival and others. So I would like to ask you if you could provide us with some material of this topic in high resolution (300 dpi). That would be wonderful because we really would like to show our readers the International Wine Festival at Buda Castle, Budapest as a very attractive holiday destination in the weeks of vintage. Are we authorized then to use the images for free – for print and for the online version of our magazine? Are there any specifications concerning the photo credits?

    I’m looking forward to your answer.
    With best regards,
    Ute Rosner

    • Dear Ute, we are sending you the direct contact of the Budapest Wine Festival organizers. Hope they will provide the press photos you need for your magazine. Thank you for recommending this beautiful festival.

  2. Hi,
    The Buda Castle beer festival looks like an excellent event.
    Could you please tell me what the dates are for the festival in 2014.

    Kind regards

    • Hello James, sorry that the answer was not immediate: there is only planned date yet for the 2014 Beer Festival in Buda Castle Budapest. The planned date is mid June (as usual) June 12 – 15, 2014. The Hungarian beer festival organizers reserve the right to change the date, so it is best to check in May when the final date will be. We will also publish its final date then. Further news (in Hungarian) are available on the Facebook page of the beer fest: https://www.facebook.com/budavarisorfesztival

  3. gday there, is booking essential for this festival?

    • Hello Mike, no, booking for the Buda Castle Beer Festival is not essential, but online booking gives a certain advantage and speed when it comes to standing in queues for tickets. You can save time and get to the beer taps faster.

  4. Hi
    Could you please confirm the dates for 2015 and advise how I can book tickets online?

  5. How can we purchase tickets for the Beer Festival in June? Do they ever sell out? thanks!

  6. That’s more than sensible! That’s a great post!

  7. How can we purchase tickets for the 2016 beer festival? Thanks!

  8. Any updates on the venue and date for 2017?

    • Dear Per,
      according to the organizers, the 2016 Beer Festival was the last one held in the Buda Castle. They might find a new venue for the next year, but unfortunately there are still no news about it. Thank you for your understanding.

      • Aww, that’s a real shame. It was by far the best venue I’ve ever experienced. Well, thank you for the prompt answer and the fantastic location!

  9. Is it possible to get in touch with the organizers of the festival to be informed if / when the Buda Castle Beer Festival will be held in 2017 ?

  10. Hi,

    Do you have a date for the buda castle beer festival 2018 yet?

    • Hello Shelley,
      thank you for your comment.

      Unfotunately, the dates of the 2018 Buda Castle Beer Festival is still not known.

      Please get back to our website in a couple of months time. Thank you for your patience.

  11. Hello,

    We will be in Budapest the weekend of August 23-26, 2018 and would like to purchase tickets for the Buda Castle Beer Festival, scheduled for that weekend. I do not see a way to purchase tickets online? Is it possible to buy tickets now and, if so, where can I find the link or website? Thank you!

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