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Budapest History Museum Paintings
Budapest History Museum Paintings

Budapest History Museum

The exhibitions in the Budapest History Museum focus on the turbulent history of the 2000 years of the city now known as Budapest: what the once separate towns of Buda, Pest and Obuda were like. You can visit the museum free of charge with the Budapest Card.

Historical Budapest

Life before 1873 when Buda and Pest were united, life during the Habsburg monarchy when Austrian noblemen ruled over Hungarians, and after the Compromise creating the Austro-Hungarian Empire with some power equilibrium. Much of the exhibits were lost in WW2, but you will still see many interesting items on display to feel the splendour of the Castle.

Budapest History Museum Exhibits
Budapest History Museum Exhibits

The items on display vary from photos, furniture, everyday tools, clothes, books, graphics and more, but one thing is common is that they all somehow reflect life in Buda and Pest aka Budapest throughout the various ages and styles.

If you like history, and like Budapest too, the Budapest History Museum (Budapest Torteneti Muzeum) is an ideal place to visit in the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill.

Buda Castle History Middle Ages
Buda Castle History Middle Ages

The Museum is open on many bank holidays, but closed on Mondays. During Festival days (Crafts Festival, Wine Festival, etc.) a special festival entry is needed to approach the museum, where the festival entry includes the price of the museum entry. The Festival entry prices are approximately in the range of the museum ticket prices, depending on the festival theme.

Opening Hours

Tue – Sun: 10 am – 6 pm
(From 1 March -31 Oct)
Tue – Sun 10 am – 4 pm
(From 1 Nov – 29 Feb)
Christmas Opening Hours
Recommended from 6+
Free admission on national holidays:
15 March, 20 Aug, 23 Oct


Low / High Season prices
Adults: 1800 / 2000 HUF
Visitors aged 6-26: 900/ 1000 HUF
Visitors aged 62-70: 900/ 1000 HUF

Address: 2 Szent Gyorgy Square Budapest 1014
Phone: +36-1-487-8854

A new entrance was opened to the Budapest History Museum leading the way in the Royal Cellar in 2014. The new entrance allows access to visitors coming  from the Castle Garden Bazaar (Varkert Bazar) via the moving staircase or elevator from the Bazaar, and from the Savoy terrace in front of the National Gallery through the palace garden.

Medieval Buda Castle Exhibition

King Matthias Coat of Arms Buda Castle History Museum
Coat of Arms Buda Castle

Some of the fine displays from the Middle Ages are the coats of arms of medieval ruling and aristocratic families on carved stones and stove tiles. Detailed information of each period of the Buda Castle is provided on touch-screen displays. You can learn about the various ruling families of the Buda Palace, including portraits, seals, coins, coasts of arms in pictures and through interesting anecdotes and legends.

Visitors can see the fine books of the royal libraries, like Matthias Corvinus’ library from the Renaissance period, the medieval latrine, the accommodation of the castle guards or a stone carving workshop, and artistically painted constellations (King Matthias loved astrology).


Budapest History Museum – Exhibitions

This is a nice ad teaser for an exhibition which showed the life of citizens in Buda in the 19th century:

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