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Buda Castle Buildings

What can you see in the buildings of the former Hungarian and Austro-Hungarian royal palace known as the Buda Castle? If you expected to see a royal palace luxury room exhibition in the Buda Castle, you may be disappointed to learn that due to the lootings at the end of the WW2 (plundered by the Nazi troops, then by the Russian troops), the building and its beautiful interior has been ripped and stripped to the naked walls. Unfortunately, very little has remained from the former glory of the Buda Castle as a royal palace, which was to host the monarchs and leaders of the Austria-Hungary empire until 1944. Currently the buildings of the Buda Castle host outstanding collections of some of the finest Budapest attractions. The courtyards, on the other hand, give venue to one of the best festivals in Budapest (wine festival, beer festival, chocolate festival, crafts festival, you name it)

Buda Castle buildings
Buda Castle buildings – photo by Peter Bekesi

The buildings of the Buda Castle are as follows:

Hungarian National Gallery

the collections of the Hungarian National Gallery (Magyar Nemzeti Galeria, MNG for short) are in buildings A, B, C and D of the Buda Castle, which means that the gallery takes up most of the Buda Castle on the Castle Hill in Budapest. The gallery collects all the Hungarian works of arts from the beginnings of the Hungarian state until the early 20th century. Its most outstanding collection is the paintings from the 19th century Hungarian painters. The gallery is a nice place for those who love fine arts from the previous century, and also for those who wish to see the interior of the Buda Castle at a cheap price (entrance fee to the gallery is very low).
Get a FREE Entry to the National Gallery with your Budapest Card from only €17.
Opening Hours:
Tue-Sun 10 am – 6 pm

Budapest History Museum

The Budapest History Museum is a lovely museum for history lovers and who fell in love with Budapest. If you wonder how people lived, danced, ate, connived, slept, cruised, etc. in earlier centuries in the town of current Budapest, the museum will provide a unique perspective.
Get a FREE Entry to the History Museum with your Budapest Card from only €17.

Opening Hours:
1 March – 31 October Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm, November 1 – February 29 Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 4 pm (closed on Mondays, but often open on national holidays)

Robert Bereny Woman with Cello 1928
Robert Bereny Woman with Cello 1928

National Szechenyi Library

The national library in Hungary is also in the Buda Castle, right next to the Budapest History Museum. The library has temporary exhibitions, which may interest you. Most of the exhibitions are paper based, e.g. illustrations, maps from century old books, but there are other types of exhibitions at the Szechenyi Library, like porcelains from Herend, or the graphics of Hungarian artists. The permanent exhibition of the Szechenyi Library may intrigue librarians, steam punks and nostalgic folks: what was it like reading books in Hungary between 1802 and 1985. The library is named after another Szechenyi you may know, the father of the Szechenyi Chain bridge and Szechenyi Baths, i.e. the father of Istvan Szechenyi, Ferenc Szechenyi.
Opening Hours:
Tue-Sat 9 am – 8 pm


  1. Please send info on the Labirinth to me. We would like to see it while we are in Budapest this Christmas.

    • Hello Elizabeth, the contact of the present day Labyrinth under the Buda Castle is:
      Address: 1014 Budapest Úri u. 9. (entrance 1)
      1014 Budapest Lovas út. 4/a. (entrance 2)
      Phone: 00 36 (1) 212-02-07, 00 36 (1) 212-02-87
      The Christmas opening hours are best to be checked with the Labyrinth before your visit. Many attractions in the Buda Castle have a winter and a Christmas opening hour, which is different from the summer openings.

  2. abdul razaq khan

    i am interested to participate in this beer festival as i am very keen of beer and like to try different varieties of beer. i heard about this festival from my Hungarian friend and he told me about this website. please tell me the full festival packages and procedure to participate in this wonderful festival. i am from Istanbul turkey thank you.

    • Dear Abdul, most visitors of the Buda Castle Beer Festival arrange their own accommodation, flights, etc. so the Buda Castle and the festival organizers do not provide travel packages for tourists. You can buy the festival ticket online in advance, or you can buy it at the entrance of the festival. You can buy a daily entry or even a festival pass for all the beer festival days, if you wish to be at the festival every day. You can definitely try various beers of all genres (although ale is not really made in Hungary, the lager types are more popular). Hope you will like the festival.

  3. Hi I was in Budapest last week for 4 days it was beautiful. I went to Buda Castle on friday 18th May 2015. It was very nice. I made very good friends there. I met a beautiful girl there n we had few discussions and nice time together she is a student and comes to the library often next to budapest history museum. I lost her email id n now I cant send her pictures which were clicked with me there. Any help please

  4. Florence Gagné

    That includes the visite to Budapest Castle for 27Euros?

  5. Is there a lost and found at Buda Castle?
    My wife lost her Fit Bit bracelet there.

  6. Hi,

    I am trying to book a Buda Castle district tour, but the booking function does not seem to be working.

    Please can you advise?

    E Wah

  7. 2.-5.6.2016 budeme v Budapesti radi by sme sa zučastnili na ceste Labirintom pod Budínskom hrade ,kedy bude prehladka v tom čase a kolko je vstupné študent a dospely a dochodca dakujem

  8. Hello – we are visiting Budapest on 7th & 8th May.
    could you please let me know if there are any festivals at the Buda castle at this time?

  9. Rosangeles Pereyra Castro

    Hello. Can you tell me if you have any discounts for the Castle? Do you still do discounts if we have the Budapst Card? Kind regards

  10. I will visit Budapest this year and I would like to visit Szechenyi Library inside the Buda Castle. Could you please give more information about tickets, opening hours, etc. Thanks in advance for your help.

    • Dear Mariana,
      The opening hours of Szechenyi Library are the following: Tues – Sat: 9 am – 8 pm. There is no entry fee to visit the Library.

  11. Is there a lost and found at the castle or a number/ email I can get hold of someone on? I lost a ring at the castle a few weeks ago and it was very important to me.

    • Dear Vicky,

      we are very sorry to hear that.

      I am afraid, there is not any department for lost items in the Buda Castle. If you have lost your ring in a particular building, museum etc, try to contact them directly.

      I am sorry I could not be of more help.

  12. I am trying to find out the entrance fee to the National Gallery and History Museum inside Buda Castle without having to purchase a Budapest Card. Information says entrance to these places are inexpensive but does not specify the cost. What is the entrance fee and does the entrance fee cover both gallery and museum or are there separate costs, and if so how much and where can I purchase the tickets? Also is there an entrance fee to the Citadel? I would like to visit these places on Tuesday 11th July.

    • Dear Jenny,
      thank you for contacting us.

      Please find the requested information below:
      Budapest History Museum:
      Low / High Season prices
      Adults: 1800 / 2000 HUF
      Visitors aged 6-26: 900/ 1000 HUF
      Visitors aged 62-70: 900/ 1000 HUF

      Hungarian National Gallery:
      Full price: HUF 1,800 per Adult
      Discount price: HUF 900 per Student / Senior Citizen
      Audio guide: HUF 800

      Ticket to both museums can be purchased at the entrance.

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