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Funicular in Buda Castle, Budapest
Funicular in Buda Castle

Funicular in Buda Castle District

Travelling by the Buda Hill Funicular is a pleasant and a fairly cheap way to save your legs a hike when you want to get up to the Buda Castle Hill from the river level on Adam Clarke square. Enjoy the ride on a historical cable car!

Funicular in Buda Castle, Budapest
Funicular in Buda Castle, by J. Flintham

Located at the Buda end of the Chain Bridge, the funny ride on the Funicular takes only a few minutes, and it does provide a unique and beautiful view of Budapest, the River Danube and sights at the top of Castle Hill, such as the Fisherman’s Bastion. From the top, you will even see the Margaret Island on the left, or the beautiful Art Nouveau style Gresham Palace on the Pest side of the river.

Running every 10 minutes up and down the Castle Hill from early morning till late at night, do not be recoiled by the queues.

History of Funicular Budapest

Connecting the banks of River Danube and the Buda Castle, the Funicular (Budavari Siklo in Hungarian) has been in service since 1870.

Funicular in Buda Castle, Budapest
Funicular in Buda Castle, by H. Klokkerasen

The construction was started by the idea of Odon Szechenyi, son of the statesman Count Istvan Szechenyi. Back then, this was the second funicular railway operating in Europe.

The funicular had been meticulously reconstructed and rebuilt in a vintage style after being completely destroyed in a WWII bombing raid.

The Buda Castle Funicular was admitted to the list of UNESCO World Heritage sites in 1987.

Currently it runs on a 95-meter route of 50 meters elevation and has two tram cars. The Buda Castle Funicular has two stations, the lower station is at the Buda end of the Chain Bridge and the upper station is on Castle Hill, between Royal Palace and Sandor Palace. The upper station of the Funicular is where the Castle Tour & Funicular package descends to the riverbank level to continue the guided tour on the river Danube (and to rest your feet).

Address of Funicular Stations Budapest

Clark Adam Square, District I, 1013 Budapest

Funicular in Buda Castle, Budapest
Funicular in Buda Castle, by Matt

Opening Hours of Funicular

Mon – Sun: 7.30 am to 10 pm

Biweekly Monday Closures of Funicular:
please check the dates when the Funicular is closed due to regular maintenance works.

Prices of Funicular Tickets

Adult: HUF 1,200 one way, HUF 1,800 return
Children aged between 3-14: HUF 700 one way, HUF 1,100 return
Free for children under 3
You can book the Buda Castle Tour with a Funicular ride included in the tour fee (along with a fascinating river boat tour on the Danube)
Note: only HUF is accepted at the cashier


  1. May I know if the Budapest funicular is open in December? (Between 15th to 17th December)?

    • Dear Mariella,

      thabk you for your comment.

      Yes, the Funicilar will operate during winter too.

      I hope I could be of help.

  2. Is funicular open on 29th jan please?

    • Dear Bina,

      thank you for your comment.

      The maintenance works of the Funicular are scheduled bi-weekly, i.e. every other Monday of odd weeks.

      I am afraid, because of the maintenance works, the Funicular will be closed on 29 January, but will be open on both the previous and the following days.


      Have a great time in Budapest!

      • Will the funicular be open 13
        /14/15 or 16th january?

        • Dear Kadie,
          yes, the Funicular will run on Sunday Jan 13, Tuesday Jan 15, but on Jan 14 not, unfortunately.
          Jan 14th is a Monday scheduled for maintenance works at the Funicular in the Buda Castle (Siklo in Hungarian)
          Maintenance works at Funicular Budapest: every other Monday during odd weeks

  3. Can we pay for the funicular ride with a credit card?

    • Hello Inga,

      thank you for your comment.

      The major debit and credit cards are accepted when buying your tickets on the spot.

      I hope I could be of help.

  4. Hi,
    Would I be able to take my kid’s stroller up on the funicular? if not, would there be some place near the funicular starting point where I can securely leave the stroller and collect on my way back? Thanks in advance.

  5. Hello
    Is budacastle ,fisherman’s bastion & the rock nuclear museum inside the buda hill ..???

    So can i take the hill funicular trian from buda hill & reach the above mention places..?

    • Hello Surabhi,
      yes, you can reach the top of the Buda Castle Hill by the Funicular, and the mentioned attractions will be in walking distance.

  6. From where can i book tickets online for 2nd August

  7. A group of 12 friends will be going there in March 2019. Everyone is of different fitness levels. But I think most would be with me. Could you tell me please if it will be in operation mid March. I am doing all of the organising of it all and I just want every piece of it to be perfect and not disappoint people. Thanks, Tina

    • Hello Tina,

      the Funicular in the Buda Castle area is open every day, throughout the year, except for odd week Mondays. If you know exactly which days you have in mind for your visit in March, we can be of further help.
      If you wish to book a guided tour in the Buda Castle, please find the most popular tours on the following page:
      I hope I could be of help.

  8. How pet-friendly is the funicular and tour? We have a service dog.

    • Dear Chris,
      dogs are welcome on board of the Funicular too, with the following regulations:
      Small pets are allowed on the Funicular for free (in a carrier bag which size is not exceeding a hand luggage).
      For large dogs and service dogs it is required to purchase a separate full price ticket, and have to be muzzled on a leash and be in a clean condition.

  9. I use a wheelchair. Would I be able to take it up on the Funicular?
    And how difficult would it be getting round the castle in a wheelchair?

    • Dear Joan,
      Yes, the Funicular is accessible for wheelchair users too.
      Regarding the other parts of the Buda Castle district, please note that the area is mostly covered in cobblestones, but not everywhere, so the ride is occasionally bumpy and the cobblestones may affect the wheels of your wheelchair negatively.
      Holy Trinity Square has been recently renovated, and according to local wheelchair users, it is easily manageable with a mobile chair or wheelchair.
      Matthias Church has got a rampart for wheelchair users, so it is also accessible for visitors.
      In the nearby Hotel Hilton there are many accessible toilets that you can use.
      Please note that the Buda Castle courtyards (next to the Budapest History Museum and the National Gallery) are all covered in cobblestones, which make them, unfortunately, not wheelchair friendly.
      Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at info [at] budacastlebudapest.com

  10. Hi gentleman,

    I wanna beat the queue and be the first on the Siklo. Can you please let me know what is the best time to be there on a Saturday morning? Thanks in advance for your answer.

    Best regards Simon

    • Dear Simon,
      I would recommend you to arrive as early as you can, if you wish to avoid the crowds. The Funicular opens at 7.30 in the morning.

  11. How do we get to the funicular from the Pariiament hotel ?

    Would 9.30 am be OK for arriving without too much of a queue?

  12. Hi,

    we cant wait for our trip to Budapest!!!

    Which tickets do we need to buy for being able to see the change of guard?
    Can we buy buda castle entrance ticket and furnicular ride tickets separately without any other combo??
    Would the castle ticket entail us to experience the change of guard?

    Thanks in advance

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