Matthias Church Budapest Aerial Photo
Matthias Church Budapest Aerial Photo

Buda Castle & Matthias Church Tour

Take a tour in the historical castle district of Budapest, visit the Buda Castle and many of the attractions and hidden gems of the Buda Castle Hill. 2.5 hour leisurely paced walking tour, including visit inside the Matthias Church.

Buda Castle and Matthias Chruch Tour Budapest
Buda Castle and Matthias Church Tour Budapest


Inclusions in Buda Castle Tour

  • 2.5 hour walking tour
  • Professional English guide
  • Entry to Matthias Church
  • Small Group tours
  • Coffee & Cake

Dates & Hours

Duration:  2.5 hours

Dates: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Sunday

Hours: 2.30 pm – 5pm

Prices of Castle & Church Tour

€39 / Adult
€37 / Student
€19 / Child (3-12 y.o.).

Book online now to secure your place in this popular walking tour.


Highlights of the Buda Castle & Church Tour

  • Buda Castle area, history of occupation
  • Kings of the medieval Buda Castle
  • Modern day history of the Buda castle district
  • Fun facts and intriguing stories about life in the Buda Castle
  • Visiting the Fisherman’s Bastion
  • Visiting the Matthias Church (tour inside the church)
  • Visiting a Coffee and cake shop in the Buda Castle: coffee and cake included in the price
Buda Castle streets tour
Buda Castle streets / Ed Porras

Historical overview of the Buda Castle district, with a private walk through the small cobblestone streets and squares. Feeling the medieval aspects from the first stone laid to the present day use. Your guide will lead you through the castle area and the historical points, occupations and roles it played throughout the Hungarian history.

History & Secrets of the Buda Castle Hill

The castle tour takes you back in time of how the Buda Castle Hill was originally built and designed. You will learn about how people lived here, how the castle and its surrounding area were and have been used over the centuries by many different cultures and nations.

Buda Castle District Budapest
Buda Castle District Budapest / Andreas Metz

During the castle tour you will walk through the major historical attractions and sights, and learn about how the castle district survived and helped its inhabitants defend and live through invasions and occupations for many a centuries.

Attractions and Sights of the Buda Castle District

During the tour you will see the major areas of the Buda Royal Palace, the Hungarian Presidential palace, the historical squares of the Buda Castle district, such as Disz Square, Holy Trinity Square, Hess Andras Square, and you will visit the famous lookout towers and terraces of the Fisherman’s Bastion.

Matthias Church inside
Matthias Church / Damian Entwistle

You will be shown around inside the (neo)-Gothic Matthias Church and hear about its stories and legends.
There is a pleasant break with coffee and cake in a cosy Café of the Castle District.



Please wear decent garments (covering shoulders and thighs) when visiting the Matthias Church in the Buda Castle. Male visitors are requested to enter with bare head – unless this is against the rules of their religion.

Exclusions in Buda Castle Tour

  • Entry to National Gallery inside the Buda Castle
  • Entry to Budapest History Museum inside the Buda Castle
  • Entry to Szechenyi Library inside the Buda Castle
  • Pick up before Castle Tour
  • Drop off after Castle Tour
  • Gratuity
Shooting Arrow in Buda Castle Budapest Tour
Shooting Arrow in Buda Castle / Discover Budapest Tour

Miscellaneous Details of Buda Castle Tour

Days of Tour: Wednesdays, Fridays, Sundays (please note that most museums are closed in the Buda Castle district on Mondays)

Drop in: not accepted, please book in advance in the tour reservation form

Meeting point: Holy Trinity Square by Matthias Church, Buda Castle

Tour finishes at Matthias Church, Buda Castle

Discounts: available for students, groups (free up to 2 years of age)

Condition: for tourists who are fit for 2.5 hour light walking

Weather: the tour is in all weather conditions, rains or shines

Refund: 90% of the tour fee is refundable if cancelled 4 days in advance (10% of the fee will be retained for admin costs). If the cancellation takes place 4 days within the tour date, the fee is non refundable. If you do not show up at the tour, the tour fee is not refundable.



  1. Hello,

    My name is Sophie and i’m organizing a study trip to Budapest together with three other students. The trip will take place in april, from 14 april to 19 april. We’re interested in the Buda Castle Tour and i’ve read that there are discounts available for students and groups ass well. I wonder what the prize is for a group of 70 students for the Buda Castle Tour.

    I’m looking forward to your reply.

    Kind regards,

  2. Hello,
    I am interested in coming on your tour on Sunday 23rd August. Before I book I was wondering what time the tour starts and where the group meets to begin the tour?
    Many thanks,

    • Hi I booked the castle and church tour but have not received any confirmation email

      • Hello Laura,
        thank you for letting us know.
        The confirmation email (which is basically the same as your ticket) was already automatically sent to you, to the email address you have provided in the booking form: please make sure to check the spam folder in case it ended up there. At any rate, we have manually resent it again. Please let us know if there should be any further inconvenience, or if you wish to get the ticket sent to a different email address too.

        Have a great time in Budapest, and enjoy your Buda Castle visit!

  3. the tours are 2.5hrs long, what time do they start at, do the tours come with a guide

  4. How many tours are offered a day? What time do they start on Sundays?

  5. What time does the 2.5 hour tour start on Friday 19th November please?

  6. Hello i’m interesting in the buda castel district tour for a group about 30 people the 27 may 2016.

    thank you in advance

  7. At the moment me and my girlfriend are in Budapest and are looking at Buda castle tour. Is it too late to get tickets for tour for next Sunday? Or can i come to Buda castle and get tickets from there? At what time will the tour be please?

  8. I am interested in going inside Buda Castle. Do I need to purchase the ticket before I arrive in Budapest or can I purchase the ticket when I arrive at the Castle?

  9. Hi
    Does the Buda Castle tour includes visit inside the castle and indepth explanation of castle interiors? Please clarify

  10. How far is your tour meeting point from the Grand Circle Cruise ship docking point.

  11. Is the 60 number in dollars, euros, or Ft for the tour.

  12. Hello, I’d like to book a tour, for just one person, for 13 April. Is this possible?



  13. Christy Schlafly

    One in our party is in a wheel chair… is the tour equipped to handle a wheel chair? (there are 7 in our party… should we buy tickets in advance?)This is for the end of May…
    Thank you.. Christy

    • Dear Christy,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      Unfortunately the Buda castle Tour is not recommended for wheelchair users, as the tour is a 2.5h walking tour on cobble-stoned streets and stairs. Thank you for your understanding.

  14. Hi
    Do you accept the “Budapest card”?? One of the things the “Budapest card” offers is “Buda Castle: free entry into most buildings of the historical Buda Castle building” – when it says most building which buildings does this include?? Need to know soon as I’ll be there by the end of the month, thanks Emma

    • Hi Emma,
      Budapest Card holders have free entry to most buildings in the Buda Castle including the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum (in the latter you can see some of the old furnishings which remained after WW2). Moreover, you will also get a free Castle District walking tour included in the price of the Budapest Card, which is a 2 hour tour in the Buda Castle district with major sights.

      You can buy your Budapest Card online on the following page:

  15. Good morning,

    We are going be visiting Budapest this coming week. Can we book a tour for 2 people for Wednesday? I have (travel with) guide/assistance/medical dog. What is the policy of this museum regarding that?

  16. Dear,
    I want to book for 4 persons the tour on 13 July 2016, but i can`t access the payment page, what do i need to do and when i want to book i can`t choose quantity of persons !!!???

    • Dear Benny,
      thank you for your inquiry.
      You can add the number of persons in the booking form after selecting if you wish to book for adults, students and/or children.

  17. I have booked a tour on this sunday for 2 persons. Only the last site, after the payment, never loaded and now we don’t know of the booking has been succeed. I also didn’t receive a mail but we have payed it already.. What can we do?

    • Dear Aria,
      thank you, we have received your booking. The confirmation email has been sent to your given email address automatically. If you have not received it, please check you junk/spam folder.

  18. Hi,

    could you tell me if the Castle Hill and Buda Castle will be opened on 17th of July?

  19. hi I would really like to join the tour but is it accessible for mobility scooter? I will do the tour with my mother that unfortunately has a walking disability and uses a mobility scooter

  20. I arrived to Budapest this morning, August 4th. Is it too late to buy a ticket for tomorrow’s tour? Thank you.

  21. Could you please advise your christmas opening times for the castle tour and funicular?

  22. We don’t have a paypal account. Do you take Visa or American Express credit cards?

    Thank you.


    • Hello Jim,

      thank you for contacting us.

      After filling the booking form in and confirming your wish to pay with PayPal or card, it is possible to choose the Check out as a Guest option, that is you do not need a PayPal account, you can use your debit or credit card when booking.

      For booking, please follow:

      Have a lovely time in Budapest and enjoy the magnificent Matthias Church.

  23. We would like to book a Castle and Church tour on Sunday, April 29th.

    Your website mentions there are tours in Sundays, however, the calendar reflected only Saturday tours during the month of April.

    Is there a tour available on Sunday, April 29th?

    Thank you.

    • Dear Erin,
      yes, this tour is available on Sundays in April too.
      The calendar accepts booking for Sundays (April 8, 15, 22 and 29).

  24. In The Castle District Guided Tour is included the tickets?

    • Dear Decio,
      yes, the entry to Matthias Church is included in this tour.

      • and the ticket to Buda Castle?

        • Dear Decio,
          the buildings of the Buda Castle are currently occupied by 2 separate museums (the National Gallery and the Budapest History Museum). Entry to these museums are not included in the tour. Thank you for your understanding.

  25. Hello! What is the difference between the budget castle tour and the castle tour? It looks like the Castle tour is a half hour longer and has a stop for dessert/coffee? Do they cover the same sites?

    Thank you!

  26. I have made a booking for 4 persons on 1st Sept. The payment has been made via paypal.
    I have not received any information or tickets from you.
    Please confirm.

    • Hello Debra,

      thank you, you have made your booking for the Buda Castle District Tour. Your booking is valid and complete.

      The confirmatiion email has just been resent to you again, I hope you receive it this time.

      Have a great time in Budapest!

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